5 famous ghost hunting spots on Halloween
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5 famous ghost hunting spots on Halloween

Instead of watching horror movies together on Halloween, you can experience fear, suspense and horror by participating in ghost hunting tours at the 5 most famous haunted houses in America.

The Carlyle House, Alexandria, Virginia

In 1749, Scottish merchant John Carlyle bought two of the best plots of land in Alexandria to build this mansion.

The house became the home of the Carlyle family until 1827, being used as a hospital to serve patients during the Civil War.

To experience the feeling of scary ghost hunting, visitors only need to pay 15 USD to buy a ticket.

The Hermitage, Nashville, Tennessee

In 1819, the house was built and the location was personally chosen by the beloved wife of future president Andrew Jackson – Rachel Donelson Jackson.

In 1889, the house was transferred to the women’s association.

5 famous ghost hunting spots on Halloween

Today, visitors to Nashville can participate in a mysterious and scary ghost hunting tour in this house, with ticket prices ranging from 7 to 14 USD per person.

Emlen Physick Estate, Cape May, New Jersey

This villa, built in 1879, is located on a large estate and has a strong Victorian style.

5 famous ghost hunting spots on Halloween

Tickets to participate in the ghost hunting tour in this large house are 30 USD per person and there is a discount for mobile phones.

Prospect Place Mansion, Dresden, Ohio

This large mansion was built by G.W.

5 famous ghost hunting spots on Halloween

The price of a ghost hunting tour on Halloween is 50 USD per person and on weekdays it is 15 USD.

Stranahan House, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This house was built by Frank Stranahan in 1901 and later served as a post office, a public center and a town hall.

According to John Marc Carr – founder of Fort Lauderdale Ghost Tours and author of the book Haunted Fort Lauderdale – there are up to six ghosts residing in this house, one of which is the famous homeowner Frank Stranahan.

5 famous ghost hunting spots on Halloween

Ticket price for a ghost hunting tour is 12 USD, for students it is 7 USD.

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