Alfred Riedl is afraid that Vietnam and the Philippines will join hands
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Alfred Riedl is afraid that Vietnam and the Philippines will join hands

Luck smiled on Indonesia when goalkeeper Nguyen Manh’s serious mistake helped them equalize 2-2 at the end of the match with Vietnam on the opening day of AFF Cup 2014. But in the second match, there was no one.

This result means that the Philippines won the first ticket in Group A to advance to the semi-finals, while Indonesia only had one point through two matches.

The path to continue for Riedl and his team is very low.

However, coach Riedl admitted that the possibility of recruiting Vietnam by mistake is very low.

Riedl admitted that his team deserved to lose today: `We were inferior to the Philippines from the first minute.

Riedl rejected suggestions that Indonesian players did not play hard, but that these poor results stemmed from physical strength – a factor that he emphasized that his students could not guarantee because… Football Federation

“Our players tried their best, they also wanted to win tickets to continue and reach the finals.

He then apologized to Indonesian fans, especially the fans who went to Vietnam to support his teachers and students: `I’m very sorry and want to apologize to Indonesian fans.

Meanwhile, Philippines coach Thomas Doole expressed surprise because the victory was so easy: `I didn’t expect the students could win so boldly and easily.

According to the American military leader, the Philippines has three pillars injured in today’s match and this may be the reason for him to `make some changes when playing Vietnam in the final match of Group A`.

Phuong Minh

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