Coach Van Gaal debuted at Man Utd
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Coach Van Gaal debuted at Man Utd



Coach Van Gaal stands between Ryan Giggs and Executive Vice President Ed Woodward.

Luis van Gaal was present at Man Utd for the first time as team coach after signing a contract in mid-May. On the first day, Van Gaal met two key figures, Ryan Giggs, his connecting arm.

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Coach Van Gaal has just spent a stressful month with the Dutch team at the 2014 World Cup. Under the guidance of the 62-year-old strategist, the Netherlands won third place at this year’s tournament despite not having a real squad.

The combination of Ryan Giggs and Van Gaal promises to revive Man Utd.

Man Utd officially appointed Louis Van Gaal on May 19, but this is the first time this military leader has been present at the Red Devils headquarters as a coach.

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An interesting thing about Van Gaal’s debut day is that he chose a blue striped tie, contrary to the traditional color of the Red Devils.

The former Ajax, Barca and Bayern coach faces a big challenge at Man Utd.

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Van Gaal faced many tasks when he first arrived in Manchester.

The first four tasks of the Dutch strategist are to buy new recruits, sell off excess players and stabilize the dressing room with the selection of captain and coaching assistants.

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Man Utd lost on the professional playing field but still made a lot of sponsorship money.

Van Gaal’s plan will receive major financial support.

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Van Gaal’s appearance immediately made British betting firms active.

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The first images of Van Gaal at Man Utd headquarters.

Former assistant coach Ferguson at Man Utd,┬áRene Meulensteen warns stars about Van Gaal’s style. Van Gaal’s coaching style makes him difficult wherever he goes, whether it’s Barca or Bayern.

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The first images of coach Van Gaal at Man Utd have ended.

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