Daley Blind – ‘Blind Knight’ at Man Utd
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Daley Blind – ‘Blind Knight’ at Man Utd

Blind is a versatile player, with an enthusiastic and team playing style.

Former Man Utd midfielder Paul Scholes has questioned Blind’s playing position at the new club and he is not the only one concerned about this issue.

However, emerging at the 2014 World Cup as a winger, Daley Blind is actually a defensive midfielder.

Blind Rob Jansen’s agent stated: `He will play in the central midfield position of the first team.`

Blind’s strongest point that he showed off at the 2014 World Cup is his deadly passes.

Van Gaal could also use Daley Blind in the left position in a three-back formation and play Shaw up top.

Daley Blind - 'Blind Knight' at Man Utd

Coach Van Gaal must have had his own calculations when bringing his former student from the Dutch team to Man Utd.

Man Utd fans should not expect too much about what Daley Blind will bring.

However, that may be what Man Utd needs the most right now.

Former Dutch international Ronald de Boer, Frank de Boer’s twin brother and his brother’s assistant coach at Ajax, said: `Fans should not expect Blind to be a new Ronaldo.

There is one thing that Man Utd fans will be happy about Daley Blind.

Regardless, it is a big step forward for Blind and the Premier League will be a good environment for him to continue making his name even further.

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