‘Deadpool 2’ is funnier with new characters
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‘Deadpool 2’ is funnier with new characters

After destroying the enemy in part one, Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds) becomes a mercenary operating globally.

Deadpool 2 is faithful to the unique comedy style of the previous part but increases the frequency of comedy situations.

Deadpool 2 trailer parodies Thanos and the DC cinematic universe

Two prominent techniques for humor in the film are references to other popular culture products and `Breaking the Fourth Wall` (characters talking directly to the audience).

The unique point of Deadpool is that he knows he is just a fictional product, living in the virtual world of movies.

'Deadpool 2' is funnier with new characters

Domino (left) and Cable (right) bring new colors to the film.

With the appearance of new characters, the eccentric hero has even more opportunities to make people laugh.

Part two also significantly increases the action with new characters.

'Deadpool 2' is funnier with new characters

The MV of Céline Dion singing the soundtrack of the movie ‘Deadpool 2’ caused a fever

The filmmakers also installed the appearance of a mutant with impressive abilities, which was kept secret throughout the promotion of the work.

Although filled with violence and vulgar humor, the work still has memorable moments of psychological developments.

Ryan Reynolds continues to play his favorite comic book character.

'Deadpool 2' is funnier with new characters

Dopinder (played by Karan Soni) – the sympathetic taxi driver in the first part – also returns for the second part and has some impressive scenes.

However, Deadpool 2 has a minus point in terms of rhythm compared to the first part.

The producer did not reveal the budget of Deadpool 2, but European and American newspapers guessed it was only slightly higher than the previous part ($58 million).

Deadpool 2 officially opens on May 18, but the film’s premiere screenings begin on May 16 and 17.

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