Djokovic – Number one candidate for Wimbledon championship
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Djokovic – Number one candidate for Wimbledon championship

Three weeks after losing the Roland Garros clay Grand Slam championship, Novak Djokovic promises to make an explosive comeback in London with the determination to successfully defend the Wimbledon crown and prove that the wound in Paris has been healed.

Unlike his colleagues, the world’s number one tennis player did not participate in any pre-Wimbledon tournaments to maintain his strength for the big competition with the highest goal.

Djokovic was crowned at Wimbledon last year.

Other candidates for the championship such as Roger Federer or Stanislas Wawrinka, when asked about their ability to compete for the title, also rated Djokovic very highly.

`I’m sure that after the Roland Garros final he wants to win more, wants to come back stronger and win the next championships, especially at Wimbledon,` said Wawrinka. Federer, tennis player

Losing to Wawrinka in the final of Roland Garros was only Djokovic’s third defeat out of 44 matches since the beginning of 2015. Remember in 2011, Djokovic’s 41-match winning streak was interrupted by Federer in the semi-finals of Roland Garros.

However, as an individual, the number one tennis player in the world, he believes that his achievements are sometimes the cause that affects his ability to play.

The last time Roger Federer won a Grand Slam took place three years ago, right at Wimbledon.

However, for Federer right now, those invincible days have now become a memory.

Djokovic - Number one candidate for Wimbledon championship

Murray, Federer and Nadal (from left) are the next candidates, but their ability to overthrow Djokovic is not highly appreciated.

2013 champion Andy Murray will have an impressive return after the disappointing end of last year’s tournament, when Grigor Dimitrov was eliminated in the quarterfinals and suffered a devastating back injury.

As for Rafael Nadal, despite falling to the tenth seed, his presence on the court is still considered a major obstacle for any player.

Besides the above names, the list of candidates at Wimbledon 2015 can also include Wawrinka, Nishikori or Tomas Berdych.

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