Djokovic: The one who builds a new dynasty
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Djokovic: The one who builds a new dynasty

The Shanghai final just ended a few days ago.

`The Djokovic dynasty in China` has actually lasted seven years, since his first victory in the world’s most populous country.

Nole is the undisputed king of world tennis today, considering the fact that he has defeated his opponents one after another to thicken his collection of achievements.

Expanded, the victory over Tsonga also helped Djokovic consolidate a successful year in his career, continuing to affirm his undeniable contemporary number one position.

`He has become a completely different player,` Tsonga said after losing to Djokovic, and said that he did not recognize the person he defeated in the third round of the 2014 Canadian Open. Fourteen months later,

All statistics prove one thing: this is a great year for the Serbian tennis star.

Djokovic summed up his 2011 with 10 titles and a set score of 70-6.

Djokovic: The one who builds a new dynasty

Reuniting with Djokovic after a year, Tsonga no longer recognized the player who lost to him last year.

As for Djokovic’s personality, when he called 2015 the most successful year, he wasn’t just thinking about his career.

Lionel Messi and Cristano Ronaldo once said that after having children, career will become secondary.

Djokovic: The one who builds a new dynasty

Nole’s success comes in parallel, both on the tennis court and outside, with a happy family with his partner and son.

Looking at Djokovic playing, no one would have thought that he was a guy who struggled with asthma, had to flee from NATO bombs and had to play tennis in dry swimming pools, on field courts.

So now, how to beat Djokovic?

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