Facebook hides the harmful effects of Instagram
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Facebook hides the harmful effects of Instagram

Anastasia Vlasova, 18 years old living in Virginia (USA), had to go to psychotherapy due to an eating disorder due to spending too much time on Instagram.

`When I go to Instagram, I only see toned bodies, people with perfect abs, and women who exercise intensely,` Anastasia shares.

Instagram users tend to care about their appearance and often suffer from obsessions and even anxiety disorders.

Wall Street Journal cited internal reports from Instagram that 1/3 of teenage female users feel more self-conscious about their bodies after using this social network.

Instagram’s research department is owned by Facebook.

Not only does it affect women’s mental health, Instagram also causes many teenage men to have problems.

Instagram has a high number of young users and is still expanding every year.

In public, Facebook always tries to downplay the negative impact of Instagram on teenagers and does not disclose internal research when requested.

However, in an interview in May, Instagram head Adam Mosseri admitted Instagram’s impact on teens’ happiness was small.

According to the Wall Street Journal, indirect reports show that Facebook is fully aware that their products bring business success but often cause negative consequences.

In the latest report, researchers concluded that some problems only occur on Instagram, not social networks in general.

Instagram users tend to only share their best moments, so many teens are pressured to look perfect, leading to problems like eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression.

However, during a testimony before Congress in March, when criticized for his intention to create an application like Instagram for children under 13 years old, Zuckerberg still defended the company.

Some researchers at Instagram said it was difficult for other colleagues to understand the seriousness of the problem.

Head of research at Oxford, Andrew Przybylski, said Facebook does not openly share internal data and research, making it difficult for them to conduct neutral and independent investigations.

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