Fans want Maradona to return to lead Argentina
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Fans want Maradona to return to lead Argentina

Argentina is said to meet all three factors: weather, favorable location, and harmony when entering the 2011 Copa America. In addition to being able to play at home, they possess the most desirable attacking stars, including

Instead of seeing a big dream come true, Copa America 2011 became Argentina’s nightmare.

However, despite that fact, Argentina not only failed to fulfill fans’ expectations of the championship to quench their thirst for the title that lasted for 18 years.

The defeated army blames the general.

On the front page, OlĂ© newspaper asked the big question `What will happen to Batista’s project?`.

In front of the AFA headquarters and the team’s training ground in Buenos Aires, a large number of fans gathered to call for Batista’s removal to pave the way to return to the head coach position for Diego Maradona.

Fans want Maradona to return to lead Argentina

Bandrole called on Maradona to return outside AFA headquarters.

Maradona led Argentina at the 2010 World Cup, but was not renewed by AFA after the home team lost 0-4 to Germany in the quarterfinals.

However, the views of Argentine fans and AFA on this issue are not the same.

Humberto Grondona also gave the current head coach the green light to radically reform the team according to his wishes: `Batista will have to protect his position and consider which players no longer fit into the team’s plans.`

Batista personally also resolutely refused to give up his position: `I don’t think about resigning. Being eliminated in the quarterfinals is a painful outcome, but I will have to continue. My project for the new team has just begun.`

Fans want Maradona to return to lead Argentina

Batista wants to stay in office to aim for the goal of conquering the 2011 World Cup. Photo: AFP.

This 48-year-old coach does not even consider the 2011 Copa America a failure: `I wouldn’t call it a failure, that’s too strong a word. We tried to win and I think the students

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