Hong Phuoc Idol: ‘Sorry author Viet Ha, I was wrong’
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Hong Phuoc Idol: ‘Sorry author Viet Ha, I was wrong’

Hong Phuoc’s reaction in an online response on February 21, about the question of plagiarizing the poem When We Get Old by author Viet Ha, faced criticism from public opinion.

– You don’t admit to plagiarizing poetry to music, but you ask music sites to take down the lyrics and keep the beat. This seems contradictory, how do you explain?

– Actually, I felt I was wrong and conflicted, because I didn’t know how to handle it properly.

Hong Phuoc finally apologized to author Viet Ha.

– Under what circumstances did you compose the song `When We’re Old`?

After watching the movies `Notebook` and `Up`, I was impressed with the image of a couple together from childhood until the last years of their lives.

– So frankly speaking, how were you influenced by the poem `When We’re Old`?

– On the morning of February 12, some friends sent me a link to the poem When We Are Old.

– But before that, he said: `This unusual thing happened to an experienced sister who is older than me and has many media relationships.`

– I didn’t think what I said would cause such a big misunderstanding.

– So you admit that you plagiarized author Viet Ha’s poetry to make music?

– I want to share my true feelings right now.

Hong Phuoc Idol: 'Sorry author Viet Ha, I was wrong'

Hong Phuoc decided to withdraw from the music scene for a while.

– While the author was just waiting for an apology, why weren’t you brave enough to apologize sooner?

– I didn’t mean to stay silent, I just wanted to find out everything thoroughly.

– What will you do to correct this mistake?

– Currently, I have sent requests to digital music, ringtone, and ringback music units, asking them to remove the song.

– What are your plans for your upcoming musical career?

– I’m tired, a bit stuck and I’ll be off stage for a while.

“As a former young person, I understand very well the difficulty of having to say sorry.

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