Hundreds of abandoned projects in Hanoi
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Hundreds of abandoned projects in Hanoi

On August 10, the Hanoi People’s Council publicly announced the results of monitoring land use management for off-budget capital projects in the 2012-2017 period.

Supervision results of the City People’s Council show that there are still many violations of land laws by organizations that are allocated land, lease land, or change land use purposes to implement projects.

Specifically, these projects include: Den Lu commercial center, Hoang Mai district;

People raise ducks at a slow implementation project in Me Linh district.

According to reports from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and at 8 units of direct working supervision teams, the number of projects delayed in implementation and left land fallow is up to 211 projects with a total area of ​​over 44 million m2.

In addition, through reports from 22 districts, the monitoring team discovered 172 more delayed projects, bringing the total number of projects in this category to 383 cases.

Some districts have a large number of slow projects and violations such as: Hoai Duc 51 projects;

Slow recovery of the project because the Department of Natural Resources forgot to submit it to the city

From actual monitoring, Hanoi city’s elected agency said that project synthesis data is slow and signs of violations have large discrepancies between management agencies.

For example, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment reported 161 projects showing signs of violations (delayed implementation, violations of the Land Law), while synthesizing data from districts and districts on 383 projects.

Hundreds of abandoned projects in Hanoi

Thanh Lam – Dai Thinh new urban area is one of the slow implementation projects in Me Linh district.

Also according to the monitoring results, the handling of violating projects is still limited, the results of implementing the supervision and questioning recommendations of the City People’s Council have not been completely implemented.

In particular, there was a slow project in Ba Vi because the Department of Natural Resources and Environment forgot the documents and did not submit them to the City People’s Committee for a decision to revoke.

Reports from units show that many projects have been approved by the city for investment policies or issued investment certificates but are slow to complete procedures to be allocated or leased land.

The housing project for senior officials of the Ministry of Public Security (Xuan Dinh ward, Bac Tu Liem district, invested by Van Xuan Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company No. 4) has determined land use fees when available.

The supervision team also stated clearly that city departments have not publicized projects that are slow to be implemented, violating the Land Law periodically as prescribed.

From the above reality, the supervision team recommended that the City People’s Committee direct sectors to continue to review and accurately summarize the number of projects using off-budget capital in the area.

On the morning of August 13, the Hanoi People’s Council will hold an explanation session on the management of off-budget capital projects using land that are slow to be implemented and violate the Land Law in the city.

Leaders of the City People’s Committee;

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