Vietnamese-origin doctor injects Pfizer vaccine: ‘Just a little sore right shoulder’
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Vietnamese-origin doctor injects Pfizer vaccine: ‘Just a little sore right shoulder’

Pfizer-BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine was approved by the US and mass vaccination began on December 14.

Dr. Wynn Huynh Tran, Associate Professor of Medicine at California Northstate Medical University, Sacramento, administered the vaccine on December 17.

`I felt both indescribable and emotional when I watched the nurse injecting drops of clear fluid slowly into my muscle. It was the result of scientific research by thousands of doctors and specialists, working tirelessly and uncontrollably.`

One day after vaccination, Dr. Wynn’s body had no special reaction.

`I just felt a little soreness in the right shoulder area where the injection was given,` he said.

When he returns home, he uses V-safe software from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to monitor his health by answering questions asked by the system.

Up to now, 5 days after the injection, Dr. Wynn still feels well, no pain, fever or illness.

Dr. Wynn Huynh Tran injects Pfizer vaccine.

Before the injection, Dr. Wynn was also concerned about side effects because the mRNA vaccine is a completely new type, has never been produced, and many things remain unclear.

Dr. Wynn calls the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine an injection of hope, because the vaccine will help millions of people’s lives return to normal, without the pain of death from the epidemic.

`I thought of my Covid-19 patients, of my colleagues who were struggling to fight the disease, and of the calls in the middle of the night. I remained silent just to listen to my uncle crying, continuously.

He shared that he sees hope in the coming days, when patients, medical staff, and everyone will get the Covid-19 vaccine.

`I will smell the smell of Hue beef noodle soup at the Nha Trang restaurant near the clinic again, I will run past the Kieu pork rib rice shop and wonder if I should eat in, I will go to the familiar barber shop on the corner of Valley street. Maybe when

Even though he has received the Covid-19 vaccine, Dr. Wynn said he will still take epidemic prevention measures as recommended by the CDC.

`Vaccinated people can still transmit the disease, although the possibility may be lower than unvaccinated people. Therefore, epidemic prevention measures are still necessary at this time,` he said.


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