‘Wings flapping in mid-air’ – bird wings in the storm
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‘Wings flapping in mid-air’ – bird wings in the storm

Nguyen Hoang Diep is the producer of Bi, don’t be afraid – an independent work of Vietnamese cinema that attracted attention at international film festivals in 2010 and also created countless controversies.

Female director Nguyen Hoang Diep.

The film begins with the sound of rain falling, opening up a night scene of Hanoi engulfed in white rain.

Flapping her wings in mid-air is the story of Huyen and the men around her.

Huyen is like a bird flapping its wings in mid-air but doesn’t know which direction to fly.

‘Wings flapping in mid-air’ - bird wings in the storm

Thuy Anh of `Quartet 10A8` returns with a bold role.

The film, with its day-by-day narrative, is like Huyen’s diary pages – what happens today, what happens the next day?

Choosing opening and ending sounds instead of images, Nguyen Hoang Diep instilled an ambiguous feeling that forced viewers to imagine a separate scene, before entering that world with smooth frames.

From the dim yellow light emanating from the refrigerator to iconic images such as the fish tank, the cage, the pot of porridge boiling on the stove or even the curtain separating the house’s bathroom.

Thuy Anh, the little girl Phan Linh of the sitcom Quartet 10A8, had a spectacular `transformation` with Flapping Wings in Mid-Air, right in the first scene when she first appeared.

Singer Thanh Duy Idol also had a very charming debut role.

Tran Bao Son’s acting career is not much, but his character Hoang is very `weird`, unique and creates high drama for the story.

‘Wings flapping in mid-air’ - bird wings in the storm

`Wings Flapping in Mid-Air` has many hot scenes.

In this film, Nguyen Hoang Diep also gathered many veteran Vietnamese actors such as Meritorious Artist Tran Hanh, Meritorious Artist Dieu Thuan or Meritorious Artist Chieu Xuan to appear briefly in supporting roles, so that the young contemporary actors can shine.

Compared to Bi, Don’t Be Afraid, Flapping Your Wings in Mid-Air is a work that is easier to watch for mass audiences because the story is clear.

Nguyen Hoang Diep also seems to be a `bird in the storm` when for 5 years, she traveled to many international film festivals, met and tried to convince each international producer to ask for each budget.

Flapping your wings in mid-air can also be considered a ray of optimism for Vietnamese cinema in recent times.

Trailer for the movie `Wings in mid-air`

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