Gulf tensions: What do Arab countries expect from Qatar?
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Gulf tensions: What do Arab countries expect from Qatar?

Arab countries affirmed that they do not intend to `change the regime` in Qatar, but only want Qatar to `change its behavior accordingly`.

Qatar – `Trojan horse` in the Arab world

AP quoted UAE Foreign Minister Anwar Gargash over the weekend as emphasizing that the Arab countries’ isolation of Qatar on the grounds that Qatar sponsors terrorism is not to force the Qatari Royal Family to abdicate.

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Foreign Minister Anwar Gargash emphasized that the six Gulf countries and Qatar are in a diplomatic crisis and described Qatar as a `Trojan horse` that is breaking the close relationship of the group of Arab Royals.

“We do not want to continue to escalate tensions, that’s why we choose to `go our separate ways` [referring to pushing Qatar out of the ND group].

Previously, Arab countries sent `13-point demands` to Qatar and emphasized that Qatar only had 10 days to implement these demands.

In response, Qatar said it was considering the demands of Arab countries such as closing the Al-Jazeera TV channel’s branch in Qatar and cutting ties with Muslim rebel groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood.

It’s stressful but there’s still a way out

Although Arab countries all affirmed that their `13-point demand` was an `ultimatum` sent to Qatar, UAE Foreign Minister Gargash cautiously stated that Arab countries still left open the possibility of dialogue with Qatar through Qatar.

`The job of the intermediary country is to listen to the views of the parties and find common voices as well as solutions that all parties can implement,` Foreign Minister Gargash emphasized.

Qatar itself has denied sponsoring extremist groups or donating money to terrorists.

However, many Arab countries still doubt Qatar’s statement.

In response, Qatar affirmed that the demands of Arab countries are difficult to accept.

What demands do Arab countries make on Qatar?

According to UAE officials, the `13-point request` that Arab countries sent to Qatar is inherently confidential information.

In addition to the demands mentioned by many major news agencies in the world, the `13-point claim` that Arab countries sent to Qatar also has other requirements as follows:

– Restrict diplomatic and trade relations with Iran

– Immediately stop spending money on news agencies like Arabi21, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed and Middle East Eye

– Hand over to Arab countries `terrorists` and individuals wanted by these countries

– Stop providing finance or human resources to organizations listed as terrorist by Western countries

– Spending an undetermined amount of money to `repair relations`

– Stop all contact with opposition factions in the above Arab countries.

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