US Ambassador: `I am proud that the US and Vietnam are strong partners`
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US Ambassador: `I am proud that the US and Vietnam are strong partners`

(Dan Tri) – US Ambassador to Vietnam Daniel J. Kritenbrink said he is proud that today the US and Vietnam are strong partners, working together to promote common interests of peace and prosperity.

The US Ambassador visited the graves of martyrs at Truong Son Cemetery

US Ambassador to Vietnam Daniel J. Kritenbrink had an interview with Dan Tri reporters on the occasion of his recent business trip to Quang Tri province.

The US Ambassador lit incense on the graves of martyrs at Truong Son National Martyrs Cemetery during his visit to Quang Tri province on August 27.

The Ambassador just had a notable visit to Quang Tri province.

My great job as U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam has allowed me to visit many provinces and cities across the country, meeting great people who are doing great work to build bridges.

In Quang Tri province, the US Embassy highly appreciates the close cooperation between us and the provincial government as well as non-governmental organizations to address war legacy issues.

We see the coordination between the Quang Tri provincial government and US-funded NGOs as a typical example of coordinated demining.

Looking to the future, I am confident that we will continue to work together to ensure peace and prosperity for our people.

US Ambassador: `I am proud that the US and Vietnam are strong partners`

The US Ambassador visited the site of the demining project in Ka Reng village, Huong Hiep commune, Dakrong district, Quang Tri province.

How has the US coordinated with Vietnam to resolve post-war consequences, such as unexploded mines and dioxin?

Addressing war legacy issues is an important aspect of our relationship.

The US is proud to be Vietnam’s leading partner in removing unexploded bombs and mines.

This year, the United States is expected to continue to contribute at least $12.5 million, and we look forward to continuing our close cooperation with Vietnam, as well as international and local partners, to help Vietnam.

Quang Tri Province, where we currently focus our demining efforts, is expected to be declared UXO-free by 2025 and will become the first province in Vietnam to achieve this goal.

Now, we are still searching and discovering more unexploded ordnance.

Regarding the issue of dioxin pollution, in November 2018, I participated in a conference announcing the completion of decontamination at Da Nang airport.

In April 2019, I also participated in the launching ceremony of a decontamination project at Bien Hoa airport, a dioxin hot spot in Vietnam.

In your opinion, what have our two countries achieved and what efforts do we need to make to completely normalize Vietnam-US relations?

Next year, in 2020, the US and Vietnam will celebrate 25 years of normalizing diplomatic relations.

We should look back at what we have achieved.

The progress of our relationship has been extraordinary.

The positive changes in the relationship between the US and Vietnam in recent years have been clearly demonstrated through a series of high-level visits, people-to-people exchange programs, and close cooperation on various issues.

Which areas of the bilateral relationship do you see as having further potential for the two countries to promote in the future?

I am very optimistic about our future, especially when looking back at the journey we have come across.

America’s basic priority is to become an important partner to support the development of a strong, prosperous and independent Vietnam, contribute to international security, and enhance free, fair and positive trade.

Every day, our two countries are working together for a common purpose, for the common interests of our two countries.

Moving forward together as partners, we will achieve prosperity and success for both our people.

US Ambassador: `I am proud that the US and Vietnam are strong partners`

On the historic Hien Luong bridge, US Ambassador Kritenbrink shook hands with Vice Chairman of Quang Tri Provincial People’s Committee Hoang Nam at the line that once divided the North-South boundary when the country was divided into two regions.

In your opinion, what role does the Vietnam-US relationship play in the current world political environment?

The United States is committed to a free and open Indo-Pacific region, with strong and independent partners, like Vietnam.

I want to emphasize that, as US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said: “As America goes further, we seek partnership, not domination.”

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