The debauched spy is famous for his nickname `3-wheeled`
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The debauched spy is famous for his nickname `3-wheeled`

Dusan Popov is said to be the prototype of legendary spy James Bond.

Dusan Popov

The accident was notable

On March 18, 1941, a car accident occurred on a crowded street in Times Square in New York, USA.

In his belongings, police later discovered a Spanish passport with the name Don Julio Lopez Lido.

Immediately, this information is transferred to the FBI.

Who is Popov?

The central figure of this international intelligence ring is Dusko Popov, born in 1912 into a wealthy Persian family.

The first mission he was given by the Abwehr was to go to France to learn about any political leaders who might be of help to the Nazis.

But, later, he began to feel dissatisfied with the way Hitler used to subjugate Europe as well as the way this dictator treated dissidents within Germany.

After a long discussion, Pospov convinced MI-5 of his motivation to join the organization’s spy ranks and was recruited.

Specifically, the German side wanted Popov to probe the state of the British arms industry, the types of military equipment the UK was producing as well as the specific strength of the British air force.

After the death of Ulrich van der Osten in New York in 1941, the Abwehr decided to send Popov to America to fill this important void.

Immediately after arriving in New York, Popov contacted the FBI to make an appointment, but it took 5 days for the agency to send someone to work with him.

The debauched spy is famous for his nickname `3-wheeled`

Dusan Popov

Notably, the Japanese showed particular interest in information about the US defense system at the naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, including the exact location of the runways at Hickam, Wheeler and Kaneohe.

If the FBI had been paying attention, they would have noticed that the information Popov was assigned to find was the same information they had discovered in Ulrich van der Osten’s room five months earlier.

However, Director J. Edgar Hoover did not trust Popov and thought he was still working for the Germans.

Because of such bias, when Popov warned him about the possibility of the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor four months before the incident actually took place, instead of reporting it to his superiors or President Franklin Roosevelt, Hoover ignored it.

As for Popov, in November 1941, he was sent by the Abwehr to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with the task of establishing a communication line between Rio and Lisbon, and collecting information about war weapons and destinations.

James Bond prototype

Talking about Popov, in addition to Pearl Harbor, there is another notable episode: many sources confirm that this person is the prototype of Ian Fleming’s legendary spy James Bond.

In each city he was sent to, Popov had 2 to 3 girlfriends.

The first meeting between writer Fleming and Popov was also the context that he later developed into the book Casino Royale.

After Bloch declared there was no limit to the amount of bets that evening, Popov slowly took out the $50,000 he had been given to set up the intelligence network and put it on the table.

Bloch could not expect such a situation, so his face turned pale.

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