6 medical staff experienced ‘adverse reactions’ after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine
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6 medical staff experienced ‘adverse reactions’ after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine

Specifically, one case of congested blood pressure, two cases of moderate diarrhea and three cases of grade 2 anaphylactic reaction, according to the Ho Chi Minh City Center for Disease Control (HCDC).

As soon as the cases of post-injection reactions were recorded, HCDC investigated and evaluated the cause of the `adverse event`.

The Department of Health determined that these three cases were treated promptly, progressed stably, and were discharged after 24 hours.

According to HCDC, among people vaccinated with AstraZeneca vaccine, some cases of common reactions after vaccination were also recorded.

`The rate of common reactions that occur after Covid-19 vaccination at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases is assessed to be similar to the announcement of manufacturer AstraZeneca and clinical studies around the world,` a HCDC representative commented.

Medical staff of the Vietnam Vaccine Vaccination System (VNVC) withdrew 0.5 ml of AstraZeneca vaccine from the container, preparing to inject it into a nurse working at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Ho Chi Minh City, March 8.

The Department of Health directed HCDC to urgently organize training for vaccination facilities to deploy the upcoming Covid-19 vaccination, ensuring safe vaccination.

According to the Ministry of Health, as of March 17, a total of 20,695 people have been vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccine.

The supply of imported vaccines is currently limited.

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