Alonso gradually adapted, Vettel struggled with changes in F1 cars
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Alonso gradually adapted, Vettel struggled with changes in F1 cars

The revival of the Ferrari racing team became the most attractive topic in F1 village after the Chinese Grand Prix, this is considered good news for the rest of this year’s 2014 F1 season. When Fernando Alonso had the best performance in

However, come Sunday afternoon’s official race, Hamilton’s usual excellent performance still could not overshadow Alonso’s incredible form as he took third place on the Shanghai track two hands behind.

Hamilton could clear the pack by up to 30 seconds if he really wanted to but Alonso is clearly still superior among the remaining drivers and has shown surprising improvement after the lackluster performance that Ferrari has shown at the moment.

Ferrari applied the F14 T to a number of aerodynamic upgrades at the Chinese Grand Prix, which is evident when looking at the straight-line speed at the Shanghai track that Ferrari’s car achieved.

Alonso gradually adapted to the new season.

I have reason to believe that this progress is partly due to changing the fuel usage process in Ferrari engines, which is an important factor in improving the performance of turbocharged engines.

The above factors add more weight to affirming the talent of an outstanding racer like Alonso.

Now it is Raikkonen’s turn to become Alonso’s latest `victim`.

The only championship that Raikkonen had in Ferrari’s debut season was largely because two McLaren drivers conflicted with each other.

Raikkonen had two very impressive seasons with the Lotus racing team.

I don’t want to underestimate Raikkonen because he is truly a very talented racer.

Alonso gradually adapted, Vettel struggled with changes in F1 cars

Viettel is struggling with changes in the F1 village.

While things are gradually brightening for Ferrari, Red Bull still hasn’t had a smooth run in the past four races of the season.

Everything that happened should not have been so troublesome for Vettel, but Ricciardo’s impressive start with the new racing team, no matter how it was explained, made `Little Schumi` hot and uncomfortable.

What Ricciardo has proven over the past 4 races shows that he is not a `plant` racer.

The two Red Bull drivers are in two different periods of their F1 careers.

Everything is going the opposite way for Vettel.

For me, what happened simply shows how good a racing driver Ricciardo is.

Alonso gradually adapted, Vettel struggled with changes in F1 cars

Rosberg (right) did not play as prominently as his teammate Hamilton.

Nico Rosberg has shown good qualities throughout his career.

Can it be said that Rosberg is not an exceptional racer, he cannot win many victories and is unlikely to win the world championship?

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