At the last minute, a black man was shot dead by American police in the parking lot
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At the last minute, a black man was shot dead by American police in the parking lot

(Dan Tri) – New videos have been released to provide more perspective on the US police shooting of black man Rayshard Brooks in a parking lot in Atlanta.

Rayshard Brooks (left) talks with police in a parking lot in Atlanta on the evening of June 12.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), police went to the parking lot of the fast food restaurant Wendy’s in Atlanta, Georgia on the evening of June 12 after receiving a call reporting that a man was

The first minutes of the incident were recorded by police officer Devin Brosnan’s body camera.

Sleep in the car

Brooks, 27, appeared to be sleeping behind the wheel and Brosnan had to knock on the car door to wake the black man up.

After waking up, Brooks appeared unconscious and was slurring his words.

Police then asked Brooks if he had been drinking.

Brooks also told Brosnan where he planned to visit.

“Who are you visiting?”, Brosnan asked.

“My mother’s grave,” Brooks said.

“I apologize for that,” the police officer added.

Rayshard Brooks ran away after being tested for alcohol by US police

A few minutes later, police officer Garrett Rolfe arrived at the scene.

A few minutes after 11 p.m., Rolfe began taking field sobriety tests.

“I feel pretty good, sir,” Brooks said.

Rolfe then asked Brooks to blow into the breathalyzer.

“I think you drank more than the legal limit when driving.

It was 11:23 p.m.


When Rolfe tried to handcuff Brooks, a scuffle broke out.

It is difficult to describe exactly what happened in the video recorded by the body cameras of police officers Brosnan and Rolfe because both of them fell during the struggle.

US police struggled with Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta

However, images from the police car’s dashcam recorded the scene of three men scuffling on the ground.

“You will be shot with a stun gun,” one of the two police officers said.

Another video recorded by a bystander shows three people struggling and Brooks grabbing a police stun gun.

“Get your hands off that stun gun.

The struggle continued until one of the two police officers said: `Stop resisting.`

Brooks then removed his hand from the stun gun and ran away.

Rolfe stepped back and pulled out his stun gun.


US police opened fire on Rayshard Brooks in the parking lot

Only surveillance cameras from outside the Wendy’s store captured the moment the shooting turned into a fatal shooting.

When Brooks ran away from the struggle with police, Rolfe followed behind.

While chasing Brooks, Rolfe is seen switching the stun gun from his right hand to his left hand, then reaching for the handgun.

Brooks turned around and appeared to point a stun gun at Rofle.

The video shows Brooks falling to the ground.

After a few seconds, police officers gave Brooks first aid.

The video also recorded statements from passersby criticizing the police.

Brooks was then taken to the hospital.


At the last minute, a black man was shot dead by American police in the parking lot

Police searched Rayshard Brooks in the parking lot.

According to a report by the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office, Georgia, Brooks was shot twice in the back, leading to his death.

Autopsy results performed on June 14 concluded that the cause of Brooks’ death was due to gunshot wounds and that the act that led to this black man’s death was murder.

L. Chris Stewart, attorney for Brooks’ family, said police officers should not have had to shoot the man, adding that stun guns are not deadly weapons.

“If the police were a little more sympathetic and a little less fearful, my client would not have died,” said attorney Stewart.



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