China’s actions hurt the Vietnamese people
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China’s actions hurt the Vietnamese people

Having served as Ambassador to China in the period 1997-2002, how do you evaluate when China chose to place the drilling rig on Vietnam’s continental shelf?

– I find it difficult to understand the above action, because recently China introduced a new foreign policy towards neighboring countries, which said: `Be friendly with neighbors, be good partners, cooperate well with

Mr. Bui Hong Phuc, Vice President of the Vietnam-China Friendship Association, affirmed that China’s actions have deeply hurt the Vietnamese people.

– How do you think this event affects the relationship between the two peoples now and in the future?

– China’s actions go against what the two countries’ senior leaders agreed in the meetings between the two Presidents in June 2013 and the two Prime Ministers in October 2013, which is to `keep together

I think that China’s deployment of an oil rig into Vietnam’s continental shelf has hurt the Vietnamese people, negatively impacting the mutual trust that the two sides have recently worked hard to achieve.

Previously, many Vietnamese leaders had participated in revolutionary activities in China.

On the contrary, China also helped Vietnam in both human and material terms during the two resistance wars against France and the United States.

But the more we admire the great Chinese nation in history, and the more we appreciate the great help of the Chinese people in the struggle for national independence and liberation, the more Vietnamese people

– Through your relationships, what do you know about the Chinese people’s reaction to the illegal drilling incident?

– On May 6, there was an article in China’s Global Times newspaper saying China needs to teach Vietnam a lesson.

Chinese people still do not have access to many sources of accurate and complete information about Vietnam and the two countries’ relations.

Many Chinese people do not understand this issue.

– So, in your opinion, what should be the solution to the case?

–┬áHere there is a matter of national interest.

In my opinion, the important thing to do now is for the two sides to sit down and negotiate peacefully with each other.

Between Vietnam and China, there are three territorial border issues left by history.

If both sides have goodwill and desire to achieve peace and stability, then negotiations will be fruitful.

What will the Vietnam – China Friendship Association do to help the truth reach the Chinese people?

– Immediately after the incident, the Vietnam – China Friendship Association sent a letter to China’s China – Vietnam Friendship Association, expressing concern at China’s actions, requesting the immediate withdrawal of the drilling rig from the special zone.

Previously, we also gave interviews to Chinese newspapers such as People’s Daily and Global Times about controversial issues.

Especially through the Vietnam – China People’s Forum, which has taken place 5 times, including people working in the fields of diplomacy, military, science, history, and communications.

The last time in October 2013, in Ninh Binh, we discussed frankly about the issue of building trust and political trust between the two countries.

Duc Duong – Hoang Thuy

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