Have a house and land thanks to a bank loan of 2 billion VND
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Have a house and land thanks to a bank loan of 2 billion VND

Regarding the story `Income of 40 million, should I borrow 2 billion from the bank to buy a house?`, many VnExpress readers have mixed views.

Bui Manh Toan defends his view that one should not try to borrow large amounts of money to buy a house because of the pressure to repay debt and unpredictable risks:

In my opinion, a couple who just got married and doesn’t have anything yet should not borrow that much from the bank, it will cause great pressure and hinder development.

There are a few issues to consider:

– Having children and stabilizing the family is the top goal.

– Trying to borrow to buy a house, the pressure to repay the debt is too great, there is no ability to invest and develop, and the current business is weak and there will be no income to repay the bank debt.

– What if there is a risk in life, illness, disease or any event, or not being able to repay the bank debt?

Meanwhile, reader Tieunho has a mixed opinion when supporting borrowing money from banks to invest in real estate with a feasible economic problem:

`The ants take a long time to fill the nest`, in my opinion this is the right thing to do, only then will we have assets in the future.

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