Being ‘left behind’ in the speedy vaccination campaign
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Being ‘left behind’ in the speedy vaccination campaign

Flora Pérez, 58 years old, has been trying to register her father for a Covid-19 vaccination appointment for many weeks but has been unsuccessful.

As one of the areas most affected by Covid-19 in New York, the Corona neighborhood, Queens district, where the Pérez family lives, has only 5-28% of the population, mainly poor workers and immigrants.

In the US, immigrant communities, blacks, and Latinos are always `victims` of vaccination imbalances.

Pérez and her family aren’t the only ones struggling.

`I see happy faces because I was vaccinated close to home, without the hassle of commuting,` said John Weed, assistant executive director of Bronx Works.

Flora Pérez, an agricultural product distributor, did not have enough time to find a vaccine for herself and her father.

However, many obstacles still exist.

Derrick Williams, 72, said he had difficulty scheduling his own vaccinations because he was not proficient in using technology.

Yesenia Abreu, 42, tried to register her elderly aunt for a vaccination appointment.

Many people, including those eligible to receive the vaccine, affirmed that they did not want to schedule a vaccination appointment because they were worried about side effects.

`My family members don’t want me to get vaccinated. I will listen to them and continue to wear a mask to protect myself,` said Ao Gui Qin, 68 years old, a Chinese American.

Twahair Mohammad, 39 years old, originally from Myanmar, wants to wait for an official statement about the side effects of the vaccine.

Mariam Diallo, 42, another immigrant living in the South Bronx, affirmed that she is not interested in the vaccine.

For others, fear of vaccination comes from not having access to accurate information.

`Some people believe that the vaccination program is a conspiracy with the purpose of inserting electronic chips into people’s bodies to secretly monitor them,` Marquez said.

Meanwhile, some people want to be vaccinated against Covid-19 but cannot arrange time to register.

`I work 7 days a week. I will try to spend my free time getting vaccinated when things are easier,` Jatinkumar Rasikbhal Patel, 30, an Indian American, shared about his busy schedule.

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