Doubt when Trump uses experimental Covid-19 medicine
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Doubt when Trump uses experimental Covid-19 medicine

US President Donald Trump announced on October 2 that he would go to Walter Reed military hospital, on the outskirts of Washington, for treatment after being infected with nCoV and using experimental drugs.

`At the recommendation of doctors and medical experts, the President will work from his office at Walter Reed in the next few days,` said White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

While in the White House, Trump received a dose of Regeneron’s REGN-COV2, White House physician Sean Conley said.

`A team of experts is evaluating Trump, and together we will make recommendations to the President and First Lady on the best next steps,` Conley said.

US President Donald Trump on his way to the helicopter to go to Walter Reed hospital, October 2.

The White House medical team’s decision to give Trump an experimental drug made some experts skeptical.

Vinay Prasad, an associate professor of medicine at the University of California San Francisco, criticized the decision to give Trump the experimental drug.

However, Regeneron Corporation CEO Leonard Schleifer said the White House medical team requested the use of REGN-COV2 drug and `we happily accepted`.

Health experts say the risk to Trump will be higher if he develops symptoms such as pneumonia.

Trump, 74, has no underlying health conditions but is mildly obese.

The information that Trump tested positive for nCoV was announced in the context of the race to the White House reaching a sprint stage.

Covid-19 broke out in December 2019, appearing in 213 countries and territories with nearly 34.8 million infections, more than one million deaths and nearly 25.9 million people recovered.

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