CEOs talk about the pandemic, the economic future and the US election
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CEOs talk about the pandemic, the economic future and the US election

About the pandemic

From left to right: Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey, AMD CEO Linda Su, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and American Airlines CEO Doug Parker.

Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey

Coca-Cola leaders assess that the business environment will continue to improve and maintain momentum, but the recovery will not follow a straight line in many parts of the world.

Mr. James Quincey also predicted that the possibility of activity restrictions and blockades may increase in some areas as the northern hemisphere enters winter.

Delta Air Lines CEO Edward H. Bastian

According to Edward, to stimulate the aviation market, business travel needs to increase, end quarantine activities and lift international restrictions.

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker

Mr. Doug Parker said that the situation will definitely be better after the next 6 months.

About the US economy

CEOs talk about the pandemic, the economic future and the US election

Inside a restaurant in the US during the pandemic.

JPMorgan Chase & Co Chief Financial Officer Jennifer Piepszak

JPMorgan Chase & Co saw an uptick in M&A activity this quarter, with announced volumes returning to pre-pandemic levels.

Union Pacific CEO Lance Fritz

`We see the economy growing again quite quickly and then growing more slowly, a bit erratically,` the CEO assessed.

Unilever CEO Alan Jope

`We have moved from reaction mode to living with Covid-19. But the environment in which we are operating remains difficult to predict and we believe an economic downturn is inevitable,` Mr. Alan

CEO Restaurant Brands International José Cil

José Cil said that his clients are still grappling with a series of issues such as uncertainty surrounding the evolution of the pandemic and related response measures;

Advanced Micro Devices CEO Lisa Su

AMD leaders said the company’s core business is doing very well, with the PC market growing strongly.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

`Overall, digital transformation is what we have learned over the past nine months. This is the best way for any business to ensure both resilience and turnaround,` said Mr. Satya Nadella.

About the future of American politics

CEOs talk about the pandemic, the economic future and the US election

Americans go to the presidential election.

Union Pacific CEO Lance Fritz

`What we care about is, regardless of who holds administrative power, controls Congress, after the election there should be a focus on free, fair and open trade. We want them to focus on helping the economy.`

Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly

For Garu, the uncertainty of how the new administration will deal with the pandemic is a concern and will affect the recovery of the air travel industry if that administration takes a pro-quarantine stance.

`We know the current administration’s position on imposing quarantine measures. What we don’t know is how the new administration will view it?`, Gary Kelly said.

Bloomin’Brands CEO David Deno

Mr. David wondered where former Vice President Joe Biden’s direction of increasing the minimum wage to 15 USD would go, but appeared ready.

Northrop Grumman CEO Kathy Warden

Northrop Grumman leaders expect to see strong, continued bipartisan support for national security and defense in the future.

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