How to be successful and happy like Warren Buffett
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How to be successful and happy like Warren Buffett

Like every year, tens of thousands of investors this week flocked to Omaha (Nebraska, USA) to participate in the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders’ Meeting.

This year, he not only reviews the subsidiaries and investment portfolio, but also shares how to have a successful life.

For smart investment

On May 4, a shareholder asked Buffett about one of his most basic investment decisions.

`Charlie and I made decisions extremely quickly. But that was the result of us having had many years of thinking about parameters that could help us make quick decisions as soon as they appeared,` he said.

Warren Buffett (left) and Charlie Munger at the 2019 Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders’ Meeting. Photo: AP

Buffett said in April he made no significant investments.

He said that after many years of learning about a certain problem, `you will see many things, accumulate a lot of knowledge. They will help you think and act quickly, like in the case of Apple.`

The lesson here is that Buffett does not invest based on inspiration.

The billionaire also doesn’t worry about missing out on investments in products or businesses he hasn’t thoroughly researched.

About a successful life

Every once in a while, shareholders ask Buffett what he thinks about a life worth living.

Buffett responded by echoing Munger’s previous quote: `Think about how you want your obituary to read, and create a life that helps you get there.`

The billionaire said people living in America today have higher opportunities than at any time in history.

The billionaire believes that if people are lucky like him and Munger, they will find things that excite them when they are young.

However, Buffett also admits that this process will require continuous testing.

Buffett says it’s important to keep in mind what kind of person you want to be remembered for.

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