Disrespectful to parents at death’s door in hospital
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Disrespectful to parents at death’s door in hospital

Almost anyone who has a loved one in a life-threatening condition is happy to know that there is still a chance to save the patient’s life.

`Such heartbreaking things still happen at our hospital, they are not rare. It is no different from depriving loved ones of their right to life – people who are no longer able to protect and take care of themselves.`

The case of patient Toan (Bac Ninh) is a typical case.

Her 4 children present at the hospital (out of all 8 children) argued with each other and then decided not to test their mother, and wanted to sign a paper to take her home.

`We often feel stressed and helpless when we know we can save patients but cannot keep them for treatment. The right to decide is not in our hands,` Dr. Pham The Thach expressed.

Treating seriously ill patients at Bach Mai Hospital.

The doctor said, faced with some force majeure cases, because the patient’s family was too poor to continue treating family members, the hospital budget was not enough to pay or support, the doctor was extremely desperate.

The most unfortunate thing is that there are children who do not agree to let their father continue treatment just because they listen to what the `teacher` says.

Another case is a well-off family in Hanoi, but the children determined not to let their father continue treatment, only concerned about the division of the estate after his death.

Also related to `good days, bad days`, Dr. Thach cannot forget the story of a patient in Son Tay (Hanoi) hospitalized with pneumonia 4 years ago.

`We tried to convince him, but he let his father stay until the 29th of Tet, then decided to take him home. The reason was that the uncles in the family were afraid that the old man would die on the first day of Tet at the hospital. I tried to explain, but

According to him, seriously ill people only rely on doctors’ treatment and the worry, care, and love of their families.

In some cases, doctors were even suspected by family members of wanting to `catch money` by persuading the patient to stay for treatment, and were even threatened or beaten.

`Many times, when we persuaded family members to try to continue treating the patient, they even bargained, ‘Can you guarantee 100% that you can save my father’s life? If you say you can definitely cure it, then then

He also confided that over many years of working in the profession, generations of doctors have seen that almost only children refuse to treat their parents, but parents never ask to let their children go home when there is still a chance to save them.

*Some patient names have been changed

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