Graechen: ‘Tuan Anh is becoming a hidden assassin’
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Graechen: ‘Tuan Anh is becoming a hidden assassin’

Teammates shared joy with Tuan Anh after the opening goal against Khanh Hoa.

In the opening match of V-League 2015 last week, Tuan Anh was the first scorer for HAGL.

Seeing `Nho` (Tuan Anh’s nickname) score, many people were surprised.

Explaining this, Guillaume Graechen shared with VnExpress: `Don’t think Tuan Anh doesn’t know how to shoot long distance, he can even shoot very dangerously from long range.

Graechen: 'Tuan Anh is becoming a hidden assassin'

Tuan Anh always plays with a white knee bandage to prevent re-injury.

Tuan Anh is the first batch of players from HAGL Arsenal JMG Academy.

Tuan Anh’s football career at one point seemed to be over when he suffered a torn knee ligament in 2012. `When Tuan Anh was injured, I thought it was a failure, the six-year training process is now a complete failure.

However, thanks to the development of medicine and the enthusiasm of owner Hoang Anh Gia Lai, Tuan Anh was taken to France for treatment and successful ligament repair.

Graechen: 'Tuan Anh is becoming a hidden assassin'

Tuan Anh seemed to have ended his dream of wearing digital shorts, but thanks to Mr. Duc’s care and investment in treatment, he has returned strong and is the most important player of HAGL today.

After his performance in the opening match, contributing a goal, coach Graechen optimistically predicted: `I told him, if there is space, just boldly shoot.

At 4:30 p.m. this afternoon, HAGL plays the second round on Dong Tam Long An’s field.

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