Hoang Nam defeated Thailand’s number one U18 player
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Hoang Nam defeated Thailand’s number one U18 player

Ly Hoang Nam will increase 30 places in the ITF youth rankings thanks to reaching the final of the international tournament in Thailand.

Chayanon Kaewsuto is Thailand’s top U18 tennis player, so the confrontation with Hoang Nam was very interesting and had the host television filming live.

Having played in many professional tournaments and being two years older than Hoang Nam, Chayanon Kaewsuto knows how to make the most of his home field advantage to enter strongly.

In the seventh game of set one, Hoang Nam won the first break to go up 4-3 after missing two break opportunities in the third game.

This is Hoang Nam’s sweet revenge against his Thai opponent, because also in Nonthaburi two years ago, Hoang Nam led his opponent 4-1 in the third set before losing 6-7 due to physical weakness.

Winning the right to enter the final of the Grade 2 tournament helps Hoang Nam gain 75 more points and will increase about 30 places in the rankings next week (Nam is currently ranked 142nd in the world).

Hoang Nam’s opponent in the final is number one seed Boris Pokotilov (ranked 103 among world juniors).

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