The beheaded journalist’s family is ready to pay the ransom
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The beheaded journalist’s family is ready to pay the ransom

John and Diane Foley, parents of the executed American journalist.

According to a close friend of the Foley family, the journalist’s parents, Diane and John Foley, were willing to violate the law to preserve their son’s life.

In the video of Foley’s execution, the executioner claimed he was killed in revenge for US airstrikes against IS in Iraq.

However, the kidnappers initially made a demand, demanding a ransom of 100 million EUR in exchange for Foley’s freedom, through an email sent to his family in November. The rebels also set conditions for their demands.

IS first contacted Foley’s family a year after the journalist went missing while covering the civil war in Syria.

`We do not take this amount of money seriously,` Telegraph quoted Mr. Phil Balboni, co-founder of the media company GlobalPost, where Foley worked, as saying.

Mr. Balboni is a person who has a close relationship with the journalist’s family.

`We raised funds but never had any negotiations with IS. Occasionally the kidnappers contacted us, and they never negotiated with us,` Mr. Balboni said.

As a matter of policy, the US and UK will not negotiate or pay ransom to kidnappers.

However, Mr Balboni said the Foley family believed they would not be prosecuted if they carried out their plan.

However, the journalist’s family never had a chance to determine whether their prediction was correct or not.

`We begged them, but tragically, that was the last thing they told us,` Mr. Balboni added.

According to David Rohde, a family friend and former New York Times reporter, Foley believed the government would help bring him home. In an unpublished text message, Foley expressed strong faith.

The US government in July tried to rescue Foley and other hostages.

Policy of no concession to terrorism of the US and UK

The Foley family’s willingness to risk breaking the law to rescue their son is raising new questions about US and UK ransom policies.

According to a New York Times investigation last month, Al-Qaeda and related organizations have earned $125 million from hostage ransoms, in particular, they earned $66 million just last year.

Holding hostages for extortion is one of the ways terrorist organizations make money.

Four French and two Spanish journalists held by IS along with Foley were released this year after the two governments paid ransoms through intermediaries.

`The purpose of the policy is very clear, but after the terrible thing that happened to Jim, I think it’s time for America to reconsider its position. It’s a very complex issue but I believe this is

Rohde, who was helped by local people to escape from Taliban captivity, said that Foley’s murder was `clear evidence of the difference in the results of American and European policies. European citizens

Many people were skeptical about whether Britain would actually implement its policy when a British person was kidnapped in Iraq.

Peter Moore, a computer expert kidnapped along with four British bodyguards in Baghdad in 2007, said a ransom was paid but the kidnappers refused to accept it.

According to him, the ransom was paid by the American and Canadian companies where he was working, not the British government.

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