Ly Hoang Nam’s former teammate is broke
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Ly Hoang Nam’s former teammate is broke

`The amount of money in my account is exactly what I had at the beginning of the year, 900 euros,` Nagal, currently ranked 159th in the world, told PTI on September 22.

Nagal at the US Open 2019. Photo: USO

After winning the men’s doubles championship with Ly Hoang Nam at the 2015 Wimbledon youth tournament, Nagal sometimes rose to 122nd ATP in 2020. The Indian tennis player also participated in the main round of Grand Slam tournaments three times and won a set before.

Financial difficulties came to Nagal last year, when he injured his hip and had to have surgery.

Nagal sometimes fell out of the ATP top 400, but has returned in recent months to approach the top 150. He is one of two Indian players participating in the men’s singles event at Asiad 19, along with Ramkumar Ramanathan – who is ranked 569th.

Ly Hoang Nam's former teammate is broke

Nagal (right) plays doubles with Ly Hoang Nam at the 2017 Vietnam Open. Photo: VO

The costs for players when attending ATP Tour tournaments are very high, including coach salaries, travel expenses, training equipment, hotels, meals and physical therapy.

If outside the top 600 in the world, a tennis player cannot live on prize money.

Vietnam’s number one tennis player – Ly Hoang Nam is ranked 376th in the world.

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