Nearly 60 years Joe Biden has pursued the American presidential dream
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Nearly 60 years Joe Biden has pursued the American presidential dream

One spring day when Joe Biden was 21 years old, he was vacationing in the Bahamas and was attracted to a blonde woman sunbathing outside the luxury British Colonial resort hotel.

The beach is only open to resort guests.

Joe Biden spoke at a campaign rally in Wilmington, Delaware, in July. Photo: Reuters.

He sat down next to the chair where the blonde woman was sunbathing, introduced himself and then quickly told about his dreams, with a bit of youthful embarrassment.

`He will become a senator at the age of 30,` Neilia, Biden’s future wife, told close friends about meeting him at a hotel in 1964. `And he will become president of the United States

When they first got married, the two named their German shepherd `Senator`.

The second goal is more challenging.

In 1988, Biden ran for president at the age of 40 as a representative of a new generation.

In 2008, Biden tried again, this time as a seasoned politician.

Now, in 2020, Biden is finally on the threshold of realizing the dream he cherished 56 years ago when he officially became the Democratic candidate running for the White House.

At the age of 77, Biden must face questions about whether he is capable of leading America.

`He’s probably the luckiest person I’ve ever met in my entire life but also the unluckiest person,` said Ted Kaufman, a longtime chief of staff who is one of Biden’s closest friends.

In early 2019, before deciding to enter the race, Biden sat down with Democratic senator Christopher A. Coons, a longtime confidant, to discuss what he should do.

At that time, a series of candidates appeared in the Democratic Party, many of whom were younger than him and ran as people who would help create generational changes, as Biden had done in the past.

`Biden wondered whether this was the right time for someone with his skills, experience and personality, or if he should step aside because it was time to give the opportunity to someone else,` Coons

Coons and friends warned Biden that the race would be tough and painful, especially for his family.

`The other candidates are all bright new faces. But Biden’s tenacity and strong resilience in the face of adversity are what make him the perfect candidate at this time,` Coons said.

Biden’s capabilities have not always been clearly demonstrated.

`We know what our scores are. Our goal is just to graduate,` said Fred Sears, one of Biden’s close friends in college.

Biden (far left) comforts his son, Beau, who was injured after the accident that took the lives of his first wife, Neilia, and daughter, January 5, 1973.

But not long after Biden graduated from law school, political opportunities opened up for him at the New Castle County Council.

Biden wins.

`I thought he wanted to talk about what was holding the county council back,` Daniello recalled.

He decided to run for the Senate, facing Senator J. Caleb Boggs, a famous Republican who had served two terms.

Not long after becoming a senator, Biden spoke at Holy Rosary Catholic School, where he had attended elementary school.

`No, no, no,` Biden replied, giving a modest answer.

`Oh, Joey Biden,` a nun interrupted from the back of the room, Kaufman recalled.

Biden’s first presidential campaign in 1988 got off to a promising start.

Former California Democratic senator Barbara Boxer, then a congressman, enthusiastically supported Biden’s 1988 election campaign.

20 years after the first election campaign, Biden started again in 2008 with more experience and a stronger position.

Biden thought about running for office in 2016, but his mentality was severely affected after the death of his son, Beau.

`He is no longer a new face but a trusted face,` Boxer commented.

Biden next to his second wife, Jill, spoke in front of the Wilmington station on June 10, 1987.

Vu Hoang (According to Washington Post)

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