Measure blood sugar properly at home
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Measure blood sugar properly at home

People with type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and pregnant mothers with gestational diabetes should use blood glucose meters regularly.

Using a blood glucose meter helps control the overall level of glucose reaction in the body during exercise or times of stress, control the effects of medications… Regularly monitor blood sugar levels.

Below are some instructions for you to test your blood sugar at home.

Necessary tools: Antiseptic such as alcohol or hand sanitizer, finger blood collection device, test strips (designed to fit blood glucose meters), phone or notebook to record results, meter


First, be sure to wash your hands, disinfect and dry the blood extraction site before starting.

Then, turn on the blood glucose meter and monitor until the device notifies you that it is ready to receive a blood sample.

You use the blood lancing device to prick the side of your finger next to the nail and squeeze your finger until blood forms a drop on the test strip.

If you have difficulty taking blood, you can warm your hands by rubbing them to create heat or soaking your hands in a kettle and then drying and disinfecting them.

Steps to use a blood glucose meter.

Smartphone devices today allow synchronization with blood glucose meters, making it more convenient to store results.

Reserve extra batteries for the meter and check the expiration date of the test strips for the most accurate measurement results.

You can proactively bring your personal blood glucose meter with you when traveling.

Maintaining an active lifestyle, focusing on meals and monitoring your health with modern equipment is a good solution for everyone on the journey to healthy living and disease treatment.

When do you need to check blood sugar?

Depending on each individual’s condition, the doctor can advise on the appropriate number of times and times to check blood sugar.

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that helps cells use glucose in the blood.

Appropriate times to check blood sugar are before meals and snacks, before and after exercise, before going to bed or at night.

Measure blood sugar properly at home

The appropriate number of times and time to check blood sugar depends on each person’s physical condition.

People with type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes should also check their blood sugar 2-4 times a day.

The American Diabetes Association provides general data on ideal blood sugar levels for adults (non-pregnant) with diabetes in the range of 80-130 mg/dL before meals and not exceeding 180 mg/dL after meals.

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