The hospital is rumored to specialize in taking care of Kim Jong-un
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The hospital is rumored to specialize in taking care of Kim Jong-un

Speculation about Kim Jong-un’s health flared up when he was absent since April 11, not appearing at important events such as the Day of the Sun on April 15, commemorating the birthday of late leader Kim Il Sung.

CNN quoted an anonymous US official on April 21 as saying that Washington was looking into intelligence information saying that the North Korean leader was in `very dangerous` condition after surgery.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un inspected military exercises in early March.

Daily NK on April 23 quoted an anonymous source as saying that Hyang San Hospital was designated as a facility specializing in taking care of the Kim family since 2014, after Kim Jong-un began having health problems.

This hospital has a history associated with the Kim family.

The source explained that geography played an important part in the decision to build a hospital here.

`The hospital’s location is ideal because Hyang San is close to Pyongyang and not everyone has access to it. This is especially important because if the leadership encounters difficulties, society can be unstable,` the source said.

Hyang San Hospital has long been a facility specializing in heart disease.

The hospital is rumored to specialize in taking care of Kim Jong-un

Location of Hyangsan.

On April 20, Daily NK reported that the doctor who managed Mr. Kim’s heart surgery was from Kim Man Yoo Hospital.

He emphasized that the doctor who operated on Mr. Kim was a cardiologist who had trained abroad, after being appointed as a cardiologist for the North Korean leader.

The doctor usually only visits Kim Man Yoo Hospital once a month, but he is allowed to manage, monitor and participate in clinical trials at any time to ensure he is always ready to treat heart problems.

The other doctors who cared for Mr. Kim at Hyang San Hospital `were all men and had studied German,` the source added.

Because North Korea is the most closed country in the world, it is difficult to verify the information posted by Daily NK.

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