Korean advisor: Community isolation is a powerful weapon against Covid-19
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Korean advisor: Community isolation is a powerful weapon against Covid-19

Once the world’s second largest outbreak of nCoV at the end of February 2020, after mainland China, South Korea is being considered by many international experts as a model for many countries to learn in handling Covid-19.

Professor Ki Moran, advisor to the Korean government on handling Covid-19.

Professor Ki Moran, an epidemiology expert at the Korea National Cancer Center, advising the government in its response to Covid-19, said there are three effective methods for a country to prevent Covid-

The Korean government did not impose a blockade but closed schools and public facilities.

`If two of the three above measures are strictly followed, countries can somewhat control the situation. Wearing masks – washing hands and social distancing are effective weapons to stop this pandemic,` Kim

Answering a question about recommendations for Vietnam when controlling the outbreak at Bach Mai hospital, the professor said that Korea searches for people suspected of contact with nCoV-infected patients by investigating the use of credit cards and phones.

As of April 6, out of 241 cases of nCoV infection in Vietnam, 44 cases are related to Bach Mai hospital.

Professor Kim said information from credit cards and call history helps authorities contact people to determine their health status.

Korean advisor: Community isolation is a powerful weapon against Covid-19

People in Daegu, South Korea, keep their distance on the subway on March 23.

For those who test positive for nCoV, Kim believes that authorities need to track related people, such as relatives and friends, and quarantine them.

According to Professor Kim, Korea did not record a situation where people `intentionally did not report` having been to an outbreak or having contact with people related to an outbreak.

In the case of a large outbreak like the case of an 11-story customer care center, with 5,000 people, Professor Kim said South Korea closed the building, tested each person, and quarantined.

Kim believes that authorities can only test when an outbreak is identified, because many people do not have symptoms.

`The health of asymptomatic people is fine but they can spread the virus. That’s the problem,` she said.


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