Unique wooden church over 100 years old in Kon Tum
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Unique wooden church over 100 years old in Kon Tum

Located on the clear, romantic Dak Bla river, Kon Tum city is always the destination of many tourists who like to explore the wild and majestic features of the vast green forests and the ancient features of the stilt houses of the province.

Coming to the city known as the mountain and forest lady of Kon Tum, from afar visitors will see a wooden church bell tower with a warm brown color towering up against the blue sky.

Overall fa├žade of the wooden church.

The Cathedral is affectionately called the wooden church by the people here because this unique project is built entirely of wood, designed with classic Roman architecture combined with traditional stilt house architecture.

Unique wooden church over 100 years old in Kon Tum

Inside the cathedral.

The building is made entirely of a typical type of wood here, which is redwood, and the walls are made of soil mixed with straw, without using reinforced concrete or even lime mortar for painting and plastering.

The church’s frame consists of four rows of 12-meter-high wooden columns running from the facade to the sacristy, two large rows of middle columns creating a wide, high and airy main space.

Inside the church, there are many small rows of columns linked together by wooden arcs, forming an arch that supports the windows above, as if embracing those who enter the heart of the church.

Unique wooden church over 100 years old in Kon Tum

The majesty and antiquity of the church.

After nearly a century of exposure to the sun and wind of the Central Highlands, the church is still standing strong over time and is a famous tourist attraction of Kon Tum city.

If you come during Christmas, you will meet here thousands of parishioners of all ethnicities coming to the church. They stay in the empty lot on the right, sometimes for a whole week to attend the ceremony.

Coming to Kon Tum, in addition to admiring the unique look of the wooden church, you can also enjoy the special dishes of the Central Highlands mountains and forests such as bamboo-tube rice, leaf salad, grilled chicken with black bamboo shoots and a jar of wine filled with mountain flavors.

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