When musicians become singers
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When musicians become singers

Musician – singer Duy Manh.

Once famous for many lyrical songs such as Mi obedient with ivory heels, Still a little fading rose, in 2003, musician Vu Quoc Viet decided to become a singer.

Young composer Nhat Trung, after a long time composing many songs for Lam Truong, Nguyen Vu also decided to sing but chose to form a boyband.

From Hai Phong, with the song Moment of Separation performed by Dam Vinh Hung and Ly Hai, musician Duy Manh became a well-known name.

Young musician Sy Luan not only became a singer but also signed an exclusive contract with Entertainment World company.

When musicians become singers

Musician and singer Sy Luan.

The first advantage of musicians and singers is professional ability.

However, everyone understands that singing is not a simple job.

(According to Dat Mui)

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