10 famous supercar companies collapsed
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10 famous supercar companies collapsed

In order for Lamborghini and Ferrari to be as successful as they are today, dozens of companies participated in the supercar race but failed.

10. Lister

Famous in the 90s, Storm is a successful model of Lister, a British car company.

9. Cizeta-Moroder

10 famous supercar companies collapsed

Cizeta in the 90s is similar to the image of Pagani today, built by people separated from Lamborghini, there are two distinct characteristics to remember about this car company, which are the V16 engine and twin headlights on each side.

8. Aixam-Mega

10 famous supercar companies collapsed

The 90s was truly the time that marked the beginning of a series of supercar companies.

7. Dome

10 famous supercar companies collapsed

Before the NSX was known as Japan’s first supercar, there was another name that not many people knew, which was Dome Zero.

6. Lotec

10 famous supercar companies collapsed

The car company from Germany was the king of supercar production in the 90s. Lotec’s car is made from carbon fiber, has a Mercedes twin-turbo engine, power of about 800-1,000 horsepower, reaching a maximum speed of about 431

5. Bizzarrini

10 famous supercar companies collapsed

Giotto Bizzarini is the creator of Lamborghini’s famous V12 engine, and was once one of Ferrari’s best engineers, but when he branched out into producing his own supercar, he was unsuccessful.

4. De Tomaso

Like Bizzarrini, Alejandro de Tomaso is an Argentinian engineer who created the famous Shelby, but when he brought an American V8 engine under a European chassis, Tomaso failed.

3. Vector

Founded in 1978, Vector is known for its beautiful designs, but creating a 600 horsepower supercar in the US is a far-fetched thing that Vector cannot do well.

2. DeLorean

DeLorean’s DMC-12 wasn’t really fast enough to be called a supercar, but he managed to have his own most attractive, desirable model.

1. TVR

TVR has a long history of producing sports cars, the British car company was born in 1947. But the financial crisis in 2000 made TVR unable to continue to stand, having to rely on the Russians, but not long after.

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