14 infection chains in Ho Chi Minh City
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14 infection chains in Ho Chi Minh City

At the Covid-19 Prevention Steering Committee meeting on the afternoon of June 15, Director of the Department of Health Nguyen Tan Binh reviewed these epidemic chains including:

Hnam Mobile chain, District 10, discovered on June 12 through screening of two company employees who came for screening at Van Hanh Hospital.

The chain in Tan Thoi 3 hamlet, Tan Hiep, Hoc Mon, was discovered on June 11 by a staff member of the Department of Neonatology, Children’s Hospital 1 who screened and tested positive at Xuyen A General Hospital.

The chain at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases was also discovered on June 11, through a hospital employee who tested positive for nCoV.

Currently, at the hospital there are 63 patients receiving inpatient treatment in other departments, and about 80 medical staff in charge of Covid-19 treatment, not in contact with other department staff.

The area where the infected employee is located is the administrative area, including one person residing in Hoc Mon town, Hoc Mon district and one person residing in block A1, Ehome 3 apartment building, Binh Tan district.

Kim Minh company’s epidemic chain, District 5 recorded its first case on June 10.

Chain of discovery at Xuyen A Hospital, through patient screening, the hospital discovered a positive case on June 9, `patient 9827`.

Hoc Mon mechanical workshop translation chain, discovered since June 8, 51 cases.

The outbreak chain at Ehome 3 apartment building, Binh Tan district, discovered since June 5, has 59 cases.

The outbreak chain in Tan Thoi 2 hamlet, Tan Hiep, Hoc Mon, was also discovered on June 5.

The outbreak chain at Street 11, Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, Thu Duc, discovered since June 2, has 8 cases.

Tan Phu District Hospital’s outbreak chain, discovered since May 30, has 14 positive cases.

The epidemic chain at Phu Tho apartment building, District 11, discovered the first case on June 7, with 6 positive cases.

The series of translations of the Renaissance Mission group, discovered since May 26.

The chain of outbreaks in the auditing company, District 3, discovered since May 18, has 4 cases.

The chain of outbreaks at the Banh Canh restaurant, District 3, recorded on May 21, had 7 cases.

People make health declarations at the Covid-19 quarantine checkpoint in Go Vap district, June 14 – the last day this district quarantined according to Directive 16. Photo: Huu Khoa.

By June 15, Ho Chi Minh City had taken nCoV testing samples for 591,972 people.

In the Covid-19 vaccination campaign from June 3, the city has vaccinated 10,865 people.

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