A score of 6 points can still work for a foreign company thanks to knowing English
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A score of 6 points can still work for a foreign company thanks to knowing English

Around the story `Many people regret neglecting English`, reader Phong Huynh Dinh shares about his own success lessons thanks to learning foreign languages:

People often blame circumstances and chase after degrees but forget how they are living?

Then the opportunity came, after 2 years, I was accepted to work on a project for a multinational company.

Sharing the same opinion as above, reader Hung emphasized the importance of foreign languages in finding career development opportunities:

I am 50 years old this year, and my career today is thanks to diligently studying English.

After graduating from college, I went to Saigon to enroll in university transfer studies at night and learn a few business management certificates, while working during the day.

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Learning from my own experience, when I had children, I learned foreign languages very early.

As for my second son, who is in 10th grade this year, I also plan to send him to my brother’s school to study.

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