IS’s grand plan for finance, foreign affairs, education and communication
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IS’s grand plan for finance, foreign affairs, education and communication

ISIS fighter.

According to the Guardian, in a leaked 24-page internal document of IS, the leaders affirmed that they must escape ties with the West, through self-control of assets, reducing costs and considering trade with the West.

Specifically, IS says that it only gains power through complete liberation from the `ties to tyranny that the West uses as a tool against IS`.

Therefore, IS outlined a plan to enhance the organization’s strength and independence.

– Utilize resources (human and infrastructure) and manage production projects of the previous administration, but have strict controls and management measures in place for them.

– Let experts take charge and monitor all production facilities.

– Secure additional reserves to ensure continuous operations under all circumstances.

– Manage costs through comprehensive control, not divided by province or group.


IS also established a committee to manage production projects and plan the implementation of new investment projects.

However, investors will be banned from participating in three types of projects, including oil, gold, antiques, and weapons.

According to the plan, anyone who has not declared allegiance to the Islamic State will not be allowed to invest in an oil or gas field in IS-controlled territory.

For gold and antiquities, investors are not allowed to dig, pan for gold and search for antiques in IS-controlled areas, unless licensed by IS.

Similarly, the construction of factories producing weapons and weapons-making materials is also prohibited, unless specifically licensed.

As for necessities, IS leaders must also be informed about all production and business methods, for example transactions in water, flour and livestock.


IS's grand plan for finance, foreign affairs, education and communication

A class on IS jihad.

IS asserts that education is the social foundation of Islam, and this is what creates `the difference between Muslims and non-believers`.

Therefore, the educational goals proposed by IS are:

Cultivate Islamic values in society as well as social customs and rituals based on Muslim Sharia law.

– Correcting erroneous assumptions that previous programs have created about `states` and Muslim leaders.

– Develop Islamic society based on rituals and Sharia law.

Raise a generation of Muslims who understand taking charge of the nation and its future without Western knowledge.

Therefore, Islamic schools will be one of the places for them to spread the ideology of worship and obedience to the organization.

Foreign Affair

IS believes that foreign affairs is an important foundation for building a nation, and one of the foundations that shows the strength of the state.

The plan affirms that Prophet Mohammed is the master of the global Islamic message.

Under Sharia law, IS leaders are not allowed to accept an alliance with a country or develop an agreement with that country if this violates Islamic political norms.

– Maintain IS’s internal `sovereignty`, not allowing other countries to interfere in IS’s Islamic legal and general political issues.

– Protect the boundaries of IS from all worshipers, apostates, invaders and even friends, because no army or other force can enter the boundaries of IS’s territory under any circumstances.

– IS says that Muslims will be treated well in their own land, and will show love among Muslims in other parts of the world.

– Any agreement between IS and foreign countries must be for the benefit of Muslims, not infidels, as their top priority.

– Agreements between IS and outside parties must not contain any future provisions that could affect the freedom and `sovereignty` of IS.

– Any agreement signed will be for the rights and freedoms of Muslims in the country signing with IS.

– Every point in the agreement must be clear to the supreme leader and his minions.

The media

IS's grand plan for finance, foreign affairs, education and communication

A scene from an IS propaganda video.

Media activities are asserted by IS leaders to be the main tool to promote practical steps, and must be managed consistently.

In particular, the central media agency will be under Diwan al-Khilafa (office of the supreme leader) or Majlis al-Shura (advisory council).

The mission of this agency is to supervise the activities of affiliated offices through a committee, carrying out inspections in provinces and areas of operation.

In each province there will be a communications office, working closely with military and security commanders in the area.

The duties of the provincial media office include reporting on military campaigns and their results, writing summaries of major or special military campaigns.

In addition, IS also has auxiliary facilities, established according to the needs of the parent office.

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