Ayrton Senna – A death that sows the seeds of life
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Ayrton Senna – A death that sows the seeds of life

When Senna’s accident happened, I was a reserve driver for the Williams team.

Coulthard admitted to being in debt to Senna.

That day, I took advantage of the break between Formula 3000 test sessions to watch the F1 race in the tire supplier’s truck.

I don’t remember who announced his death.

At the next race in Monaco, Williams used only driver Damon Hill.

At that time, Senna’s death, causes and consequences as well as related matters were still a hot issue.

Obviously, Senna still has a good chance of surviving in an accident situation.

The steering wheel shaft was broken right at the welded joint due to the force of impact during the collision.

Ayrton Senna - A death that sows the seeds of life

Senna is not the driver with the most championship wins, but is always acknowledged by people in the world as the greatest in F1 history.

The thoughts that such an accident could happen to any racer, or whether it was safe enough to sit in a similar car, never crossed my mind.

There may be rumors that that happened to Ayrton Senna, the world’s best racing driver.

The racers were devastated by Senna’s accident.

Ayrton Senna - A death that sows the seeds of life

David Coulthard (right) and Frank Williams at the press conference announcing Coulthard as Senna’s replacement at Williams

I still remember it clearly before I went to the test race on Friday in Barcelona.

I replied, `Thanks Patrick. I like this. I just wonder one thing. When I exit the garage, do I turn right or left?`

In many ways, it’s clear that I owe a lot to Senna.

Ronnie Meadows, who was Sporting Director at Mercedes GP, was competing with me at the time.

The reserve driver position at Williams is important because there I still get paid.

I remember, at that time, I thought Senna was the best racing driver in the world and I couldn’t keep up with him.

David Coulthard, born March 27, 1971, Scottish.

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