Ba Vi girl shows how to go out for a day in the wild sunflower season
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Ba Vi girl shows how to go out for a day in the wild sunflower season

Below is the sharing of Tram Hugo’s account, from Ba Vi, about a one-day trip to Ba Vi National Park, Hanoi in mid-September.

How to go

By bus, route 214 departs from Yen Nghia bus station (Ha Dong district) – Xuan Khanh, route 71 or 74 runs from My Dinh – Xuan Khanh.

The collapsed church is a popular check-in point for many young people in Ba Vi.

The most popular and convenient means of transport when traveling to Ba Vi is the motorbike.

Traveling by motorbike or private car, you choose one of 2 routes: Depart from Big C Thang Long (Tran Duy Hung, Hanoi), follow Thang Long Avenue about 30 km, Hoa Lac overpass, go

Option 2, starting from Cau Giay area, follow Highway 32 about 37 km to Son Tay bus station intersection, turn left 3.5 km to Vien 105 intersection, go straight 9 km to Tan Linh intersection

Eat and drink

There is food service within the national park, but it is not diverse and the price is quite high, so you can prepare your own food, drinks, and a tarpaulin to have an interesting picnic in many areas in the park.

To enjoy Ba Vi cuisine, you should choose a restaurant like La Co or Ao Vua with dishes such as barb fish, Da River catfish, goat dishes, badger pig…

Sight seeing

Pine forest: This is the first stop at Ba Vi National Park, opposite the resort.

Fallen church: The abandoned church is covered with ghostly moss in Bich Phuong’s MV `When Will You Leave`?

Ba Vi girl shows how to go out for a day in the wild sunflower season

Ba Vi wild sunflowers usually bloom for about 10-14 days.

Wildflower Hill: To get to this hill, you must go through a checkpoint and pay an additional fee to enter (60,000 VND).

On the way home, you can stop by to drink a glass of fresh cow’s milk sold at many shops on both sides of the road, and buy gifts of famous Ba Vi dairy products.

Tram Hugo

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