Binh Duong – Hanoi: Vietnam Derby in the AFC Cup final
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Binh Duong – Hanoi: Vietnam Derby in the AFC Cup final

* Binh Duong – Hanoi, 5pm today, on VnExpress.

Binh Duong said they have a plan to counter Quang Hai.

After being satisfied with domestic titles with the fourth V-League championship, boss Do Quang Hien directed the Hanoi Club to expand to the continental playing field.

`Binh Duong has a playing style that is not compatible with Hanoi. They are very good at high ball,` coach Chu Dinh Nghiem once shared with VnExpress.

Among the clubs in Vietnam, Binh Duong is the team that has caused the most difficulties for Hanoi recently.

`Binh Duong is very strong. At Go Dau Stadium, we have not been able to win against them in the last five matches. My students must be especially careful,` coach Chu Dinh Nghiem emphasized on July 30, during the meeting.

Hanoi’s attack is working very well.

The pressure on Hanoi’s defense may be somewhat reduced when Binh Duong is without Nguyen Anh Duc today.

Binh Duong - Hanoi: Vietnam Derby in the AFC Cup final

Moses will have the opportunity to reunite with his old teammates in Binh Duong.

Hanoi wants to remotely intercept Binh Duong’s organized attacks and their number one priority is to blockade Le Tan Tai.

`Tan Tai is the most dangerous player in Binh Duong. We must lock him if we want good results,` midfielder Do Hung Dung shared before the match.

At Go Dau Stadium today, Hanoi is likely to be without key midfielder Pham Duc Huy due to injury.

Today’s first leg of the AFC Cup Southeast Asia final will kick off a series of three encounters within eight days between Hanoi and Binh Duong.

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