Cascadeur in Hollywood: life and death
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Cascadeur in Hollywood: life and death

On August 14, stunt actress Joi “SJ” Harris died on the set of Deadpool 2 by crashing her motorcycle into a building.

In July, a stuntman from the series The Walking Dead died after falling onto concrete.

Female stuntwoman died on the set of `Deadpool 2`.

According to the Telegraph, every year about 20-40 people die on film sets in the US, higher than in the police, road construction or mining industries.

Although lucky to escape death, the victim could suffer serious injuries.

`The interesting life of a disabled person… every day try to move your neck and chest for an hour, exercise the rest of your body, take nerve pain medication, see a doctor, sleep and repeat. It’s boring

Cascadeur in Hollywood: life and death

Cascadeur jumps out of a plane in `The Dark Knight Rises`

An anonymous producer told the Telegraph about the dangers on set: `Even in the scene where two people walk, the scene also has many electrical equipment, hot lights, ladders, heavy objects hanging up, and other potentially dangerous things.`

The question of ensuring the safety of unsung heroes in movies has long been raised.

This is not the first time a Hollywood crew was accused of trying to rush filming and then having an accident.

`That action violates safety because the manufacturers allow hasty and unsafe flying to save money,` the lawsuit states.

Cascadeur in Hollywood: life and death

Jackie Chan fell on the coals

According to Deadline, another reason is because many crew members are afraid to talk about ensuring safety on set.

According to Job Monkey, the average salary of a cascadeur in the US is 70,000 USD per year.

Cascadeur in Hollywood: life and death

Actor Vic Morrow and two child actors died when a helicopter crashed on the set of `Twilight Zone: The Movie` (1983).

In 2015, director Randall Miller was the first filmmaker to be sentenced to prison in connection with a death on set.

In a letter to the Los Angeles Times, William Hurt – the film’s main actor – claimed to have asked the producer how much time the crew would have to leave the tracks if a train suddenly appeared.

Cascadeur in Hollywood: life and death

Olivia Jackson (left) was seriously injured on the set of `Resident Evil: The Final Chapter`.

After Jones’ death, her family encouraged crew members to speak up if they felt uncomfortable about their safety or health.

`Due to the nature of freelancing, no one wants to be a troublemaker. But those who dare to refuse in the face of danger deserve praise. There are stupid producers, but there are also kind people who will respect

In Vietnam, stunt actors also encountered many accidents.

Compared to foreign countries, the income as well as the level of protection for Vietnamese stunt actors is far behind.

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