Coach Inzaghi: ‘Guardiola divides modern football into two halves’
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Coach Inzaghi: ‘Guardiola divides modern football into two halves’

`I’m not good at giving winning percentages, but I know Inter will meet the strongest club in the world, the team that won the Premier League five times in six seasons,` TMW quoted Inzaghi as saying on June 5.

Inzaghi advised Inter players at the Appiano Gentile training ground on June 5.

Guardiola began to make a splash with tiki-taka, a style of play that relies on the ability to control the ball with small jumps and technique.

After that, Guardiola also made his own mark at Bayern, turning the German club into a team that relies more on ball control.

`There is a lot of admiration for Guardiola, for Man City, for what they have done over the years,` Inzaghi continued to praise his opponent.

Coach Inzaghi: 'Guardiola divides modern football into two halves'

Guardiola lifted the Premier League championship with Man City on May 21.

Inzaghi denied that Man City was under pressure because of Man Utd’s ambition to repeat the treble of the 1998-1999 season, and pointed out that Inter could also win three titles this season.

The Italian coach is proud to have overcome the difficult journey with Inter to reach the Champions League final, including continuing in the `group of death` with Bayern and Barca and defeating the club and the city of Milan in both semi-finals.

When asked if the great match in Istanbul, Türkiye on June 10 was the most important match of his career, Inzaghi replied: `Definitely, and that is also true for Inter players. That will be The evening rewarded all our efforts throughout the year. It was a journey full of pitfalls, but in the last three months, with more personnel to rotate, I think Inter did great things.` .

The 47-year-old coach said that the starting lineup has not been decided yet, as Inter still has four practice sessions in Italy and a familiarization session at Ataturk Stadium before the match day.

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