Facebook hopes to make a fortune from the 2014 World Cup
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Facebook hopes to make a fortune from the 2014 World Cup

World Cup 2014 will be the first time fans watch via personal mobile devices.

Facebook is hoping that the 2014 World Cup will bring positive results for the company in this direct marketing event.

After the recent record high number of users retweeting photos of famous actors at the Oscars on Twitter, the upcoming 2014 World Cup is an event with more potential for marketing.

Will Platt-Higgins, Facebook’s global account director, said that 2014 will be the year the first World Cup is watched by people via smartphones.

Facebook said it identified 500 million of its users who are interested in soccer based on the links they often click to watch or the pages they follow.

`500 million, a very difficult number to find using TV,` Platt-Higgins said, adding that displaying ads on Facebook is more acceptable to the audience.

Many brands are also creating more personalized ads to attract users on the Internet.

Kevin Burke, marketing director of  Visa, one of the sponsors of this award, said the company spent about 30% of its marketing budget on digital media, more than the global average of 23%.

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