Virtual actors become stars in Hollywood
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Virtual actors become stars in Hollywood

Lil Miquela is an influencer with over 2.2 million followers on Instagram.

Virtual actor Lil Miquela.

Miquela debuted in April 2016 as a model and singer.

According to The Cut, although Lil Miquela is a virtual character, the money she earns for the company is real.

The character born from computer image simulation technology has signed a contract with Creative Artists Agency (CAA), one of the leading managers in the entertainment field in Hollywood, to promote his activities.

Adam Friedman, CAA CEO, said: `We have been following Brud’s development of Miquela and see a lot of potential in the character. We are excited to be involved in the management process,

When using virtual actors, there will no longer be complaints about a racist working environment or inadequate salaries.

`I think the technology will need to improve a lot to get there,` said Robert Mitchell of Gower Street Analytics. `We see film studios still struggling with the ‘uncanny valley’ phenomenon.

Mitchell thinks technology works better when it’s used to support actors in their acting, like how Disney rejuvenated actress Ingvild Delia in Star Wars Rogue One.

Although virtual actors may not be fully ready in the near future, the film industry is already relying on this technology to create many new blockbusters.

In addition to changes in production, many studios are now also coming up with many new methods of releasing movies – showing movies in games.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Minecraft gamers have sought to create in-game cartoons, capable of projecting feature-length movies inside the virtual world.

Hollywood has certainly kept an eye on this potential field, and in the future will be able to apply many suitable technologies to meet the needs of the gaming audience.

The pandemic has forced studios to make constant changes in the production process.

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