Gathering country vegetables and selling them in Ho Chi Minh City for millions of dollars every day
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Gathering country vegetables and selling them in Ho Chi Minh City for millions of dollars every day

Mrs. Nam (56 years old, Tra Vinh) has a vegetable garden of about 500 m2 next to her house, growing tomatoes, okra, straw mushrooms, mustard greens, bok choy, cucumbers and amaranth.

Selling in large quantities, Ms. Nam sets the price of tomatoes at 28,000 VND per kg, okra at 16,000 VND per kg, straw mushrooms at 80,000 VND per kg, mustard greens and bok choy at the same price at 8,000 VND per kg, and cucumbers at 14,000 VND per kg.

`I have increased the price compared to before, mainly because the harvest is in a hurry and requires more workers and more effort,` she said.

Ms. Kim (52 years old, in Tra Cu, Tra Vinh) is one of the people who buys vegetables from Ms. Nam and some familiar stalls at the district market.

Not only Mrs. Kim, many people near her house also did the same, when they read in the newspaper that people in the city had difficulty buying food.

After her daughter-in-law posted an ad for selling meat, fish, seafood, and vegetables on her personal Zalo, many colleagues, friends, and acquaintances placed orders.

Mrs. Kim prepares vegetables to ship to Ho Chi Minh City for her daughter-in-law to resell.

Not only Ms. Kim, many other individuals living in Ho Chi Minh City also transport food from their hometown and resell it for profit, with the advantage of abundant and cheap food sources.

A residential community Fanpage in District 5 has just set up an online market group for members to trade and sell.

Most members sell agricultural products sent from their hometowns.

These business models come from the fact that people in Ho Chi Minh City have difficulty buying fresh food.

To reduce the load, from July 14, Ho Chi Minh City Department of Industry and Trade cooperated with many businesses to open 1,000 more mobile sales points to serve people.

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