5 lessons for businesses from the World Cup
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5 lessons for businesses from the World Cup

Spain’s failure at the 2014 World Cup will be a valuable lesson for businesses in the marketplace.

Every four years, the whole world turns to the World Cup finals, where 32 national teams gather to compete to choose the winner of the Golden Cup.

1. Talent does not always win

Four years ago, Spain won its first World Cup championship in history.

The early failure of the above national teams with quality players shows that talent is not a guarantee of success, but also requires many other things such as effort, innovation, immediate strategy…

2. Community is a brand’s best friend

The World Cup is a very good opportunity for global brands such as Adidas, Coca-Cola… to reach the global public through massive, large-scale advertising campaigns.

For entrepreneurs, this event will remind them a lot about the importance of building a community for their customers and prospects.

3. Losers still play a role on a big stage

Among the 16 teams making it to the second round of the World Cup, there are many teams that are not highly rated such as Greece, Costa Rica, USA…, especially when they have to share a group with strong teams like England, Italy, and the West.

In sports, unexpected things still happen and for business owners, this means that the big players in the market do not always deliver the right products and services that consumers want.

4. Rare is precious

We live in a world of rapid connection.

Similarly, business can also look here and learn.

5. Strategy is the key to the game

Many people never thought that Costa Rica would hold the Dutch team for 120 minutes to bring the match to a lucky penalty shootout.

This shows the importance of strategy in the operations not only of teams like Costa Rica but also of businesses.

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