Hoang Quyen gives My Tam ‘goosebumps’
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Hoang Quyen gives My Tam ‘goosebumps’

Hoang Quyen was the contestant chosen to perform last in both competitions with a song of her own choice and a piece of music chosen by the judges.

Hoang Quyen made a breakthrough in the eighth Gala.

With the song Don’t be sad, Hoang Quyen shows a cheerful excitement, with a clear way of pronouncing words that makes My Tam satisfied.

In the next song, the female contestant captivated listeners with her magical, emotional voice in the blue jazz tune Today.

Bao Tram is not inferior with her confident performance style.

Bao Tram chose the song Blue Jasmine by Tinna Tinh to perform.

Returning to the stage in part two, Bao Tram performed the song Sorry with the help of the saxophone.

Hoang Quyen gives My Tam 'goosebumps'

Bao Tram is confident on stage.

Before musician Quoc Trung could comment, the studio was awakened by the cheers of the audience.

Ya Suy’s performance is not as good as the two female contestants.

With the song Vanish chosen by the judges, Ya Suy was judged by My Tam to have improved, even though there were still errors.

Hoang Quyen gives My Tam 'goosebumps'

Ya Suy is inferior to Bao Tram and Hoang Quyen.

The eighth Gala night was filled with audiences, many people had no seats and had to stand to cheer for their favorite contestants.

The Gala 8 results announcement night took place at 8:00 p.m. on January 18, on VTV3.

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